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Sunday Report

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AA/FC Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car - Round One

This "race report" will be somewhat of a "hybrid" - combining the results with photos applicable to each run or pair of runs. And for even more pictures and verbiage, check out the photo gallery.

With the first round of Funny Car eliminations scheduled for noon, there was no urgency on my part to be at the track early, especially after last night's late finish, with the BB/Funny Cars completing their second round of qualifying at 10:30pm. After the invocation by the RFC chaplain, and the national anthems sung by Angelina Boychuk, the show got going ten minutes early with the first strains of nitro combustion music drowning out the final line of "Oh Canada".

Todd Losenko AA/FC Mark Hentges AA/FC

Leading off with the nitro cars, the first pair out of the lanes featured Todd Losenko in the Steve Pleuger-owned "Jolly Rogers" Mustang versus Mark Hentges in the Austin & O'Brien Arrow. Losenko took the victory easily with a 5.89 - 243.30 pass against Hentges' close 5.92 - 232.61 effort.

Twig Zeigler - Darin Bay AA/FC Twig Zeigler - Darin Bay AA/FC
Mike Grekul AA/FC Mike Grekul AA/FC

A real blast from the past, in the form of the Twiz Zeigler car, now driven by Darin Bay faced off against the Pleuger & Gyger car that's being chauffered by Edmonton's Mike Grekul this year. Following up his strong (5.78) qualifying effort, Bay laid down a 5.89 - 243.30 to easily dispatch a tire-smoking 15.42 - 58.89 coaster from Grekul.

Mark Sanders AA/FC Mike Savage AA/FC

Another all 5-second battle ensued in the next pairing, with Washington State's favourite flopper fanatic, Mark "Mr. Explosive" Sanders putting down a very solid 5.90 - 239.61 number, only to lose to Mike Savage's slightly better 5.83 - 248.92 blast in the "Candies & Hughes" tribute car.

Tim Nemeth AA/FC Nathan Sitko AA/FC

Chilliwack's Tim Nemeth brought out his newly-repainted "Iceman" Mustang to face Edmonton's Nathan Sitko and didn't disappoint all his local fans as he cranked out a very good 6.00 - 243.90 to drop Sitko's tire-smoking and slowing 14.57 - 76.00 pass.

Jay Mageau AA/FC Tim Boychuk AA/FC

The final race of the first round featured a pair of Edmonton cars, with the high-dollar Tim Boychuk machine matched against the decidedly more budget- oriented operation of Jay Mageau. Boychuk made short work of Mageau's "Prospector" with a low e.t. of the round 5.78 - 248.41 to seriously outrun Mageau's career best and very good 6.06 - 237.49 pass.

With ten cars in the round, the fans were treated to six 5-second passes, two very low 6-second laps and two tiresmokers. Included in the 5-second laps were a pair of very close side-by-side 5-second battles. Quite an entertaining round of racing to say the least. For the second round, the pairings are Tim vs. Todd Losenko (Boychuk with lane choice), Darin Bay against Tim Nemeth (Bay holding lane choice) and Mike Savage on a bye run. The racing should be even closer.

Northwest BB/Funny Cars - Round One

Ron Huegli BB/FC Randy Parker BB/FC

Following hot in the tire tracks of the nitro cars, the Northwest BB/Funny Car Association came out for the first round of their "Chicago-style" (ie, everybody makes two passes, then the quickest two meet in the final) eliminations. Leading the way were the hottest car on the circuit this season, the Ron Huegli "Tiki Warrior" Monza against the newest, and still in primer, "King Kuda" of Randy Parker. Showing that he hasn't lost the knack for making horsepower, Parker carded a 6.78 - 205.57 to cross the finish line first against Huegli's slower, but winning 6.85 - 202.02 pass> Say what? There's a little thing called a "soft" index of 6.85 that the NWBBFC guys and gal run on, and if you go too quick, you lose. Go waaay too quick and you really lose, as in points and money.

Brent Murray BB/FC Shane Harter BB/FC
Brent Murray and Shane Harter BB/FC Brent Murray and Shane Harter BB/FC

The next pairing was a bit of an odd one, with a Canadian (Brent Murray) driving the "Damn Yankee" car, matched against an American (Shane Harter). Murray was still having handling problems as he crossed the centerline again (did it yesterday too) and gave the automatic win to Harter with a solid 6.91 - 202.02 lap.

Greg Howland BB/FC Greg Howland BB/FC

Russ Parker BB/FC Greg Howland BB/FC

Two Yanks this time, and it's defending series champion, Greg Howland, crosses the finish line first in "Zeus" against Mr. HighBucks IV, Russ Parker. Unfortunately, Howland's excellent 6.81 - 202.79 is a little too quick for the index and it hands the win to Parker's 6.94 - 201.79 timeslip.

Royce Taylor BB/FC Todd Swinford BB/FC

In the picture on the left we've almost got side-by-side burnouts with Royce Taylor in the background and new driver Todd Swinford in the "Photo Op" Datsun in the background. They weren't quite so close at the finish line as Swinford's 7.65 - 193.21 clocking wasn't even close to Taylor's excellent 6.74 - 210.62. Hold on though, it's another breakout loss and Swinford takes the true winlight.

Don Harter BB/FC Don Harter BB/FC

Yet another breakout pass, and this time on a single run, as Don Harter goes a hair too quick - even with the chutes out early as his scheduled opponent, Kim Parker, was unable to show after kicking out all the rods in last night's qualifying action. For the record, Harter turned a 6.83 - 173.97 on this lap.

Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Cars - Round One

Joey Steckler RMNFC Joey Steckler RMNFC

Despite appearances, Joey Steckler did have an opponent in this first heat of the Rocky Mountain Nostalgia flopper gang, but we just never got a shot of Arvid Fonstad in the near lane. Adding insult to ignoring, Fonstad lit the winlight with a 7.04 - 194.09 to take out Steckler's close 7.07 - 195.99 time. With these cars running on a "hard" 6.90 index, they both were well within the time boundaries.

Cal Tebb RMNFC Norm Kolwich RMNFC

After helping him through the licensing process and giving him lots of moral support, Cal Tebb and his "Bad Goat" showed Norm "The Rookie" Kolwich no mercy as he pounded out a 6.84 - 188.27 to easily cover the out of shape and shutoff 10.28 - 85.93 effort. But what about the index Cal? Oops.... looks like Kolwich has won his first competition round in his '53 'Vette.

Cory Kincaid RMNFC David Brant RMNFC

After a troubled year or so with very few good runs, Cory Kincaid finally saw his luck change, due in part to a new B&J quick-drive transmission and put down a 6.91 pass last night, then continued on the right path with a winning 7.22 - 194.78 win over newcomer David Brant's 7.48 - 114.85 early shutoff.

Corey Sekura RMNFC Eddy Plazier RMNFC

Taking the remains of two damaged engines and cobbling together one running unit, then switching drivers, the Sekura Brothers, with Corey at the wheel, took on Eddy Plazier in his one-of-a-kind '37 Chevy. Despite a valiant effort by Sekura at 6.97 - 197.36, Plazier took the winlight with an almost on the index pass of 6.91 - 195.88

Damian Cownden Nitro Harley Damian Cownden Nitro Harley

With only two Nitro Harleys in the pits, it was a pretty thin show, but Damian Cownden did his best to entertain with this wheel-up, torqued over pass that lit up the scoreboards BIG TIME, with a 6.43 - 211.51 number.

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AA/FC Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car - Round Two

Todd Losenko AA/FC Darin Bay AA/FC

Todd Losenko 6.00 - 235.66 - Darin Bay 5.85 - 246.03

Tim Boychuk Tim Nemeth AA/FC

Tim Boychuk 5.72 - 250.62 - Tim Nemeth broke

Northwest BB/Funny Cars - Round Two

Shane Harter BB/FC Ron Huegli BB/FC

Shane Harter 6.83 - 204.82 - Ron Huegli 6.85 - 200.98

Brent Murray BB/FC Randy Parker BB/FC

Brent Murray 7.32 - 188.36 - Randy Parker 6.84 - 207.37

Royce Taylor BB/FC Greg Howland BB/FC

Royce Taylor 10.80 - 81.67 - Greg Howland 6.93 - 200.62

Russ Parker BB/FC Don Harter BB/FC

Russ Parker 9.74 - 97.52 - Don Harter 7.92 - 115.59

Todd Swinford BB/FC

Todd Swinford broke

Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Cars - Round Two

Norm Kolwich BB/FC Arvid Fonstad BB/FC

Norm Kolwich 7.37 - 184.23 - Arvid Fonstad 8.85 - 84.82

Cory Kincaid BB/FC Eddy Plazier BB/FC

Cory Kincaid 7.26 - 195.39 - Eddy Plazier 6.96 - 187.22

Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Cars - Final

Eddy Plazier BB/FC Norm Kolwich BB/FC

Eddy Plazier7.04 - 196.85 - Norm Kolwich6.88 - 203.80

Northwest BB/Funny Cars - Final

Ron Huegli BB/FC Randy Parker BB/FC

Ron Huegli 6.88 - 200.22 - Randy Parker 7.48 - 131.15

AA/FC Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car - Final

Tim Boychuk AA/FC Darin Bay AA/FC

Tim Boychuk 5.81 - 243.90 - Darin Bay5.87 - 245.49

Tim Boychuk & Darin Bay

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