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NOTE: Click on the thumbnails to display the full-size images

Thursday's Photo Gallery

Castrol Raceway control tower and VIP area Dean Murdoch - amazed to be here

First view of the track shows the control tower area, vip suites and grandstands, while my editor Dean marvels at us actually getting here in the "red rocket". How fast did you say it got up to Bob?

Tim Tim

Two views of the Tim Nemeth "Iceman" nitro (nostalgia) funny car being prepped for battle starting tomorrow.

Tim Jay Mageau Corvette Funny Car

On the left is a final look at the Tim Nemeth car with a crewman hamming it up for the camera, while Jay Mageau's new "Prospector" nitro nostalgia funny car is (mostly) under wraps in its pit area.

nitrofunnycar.ca The pit cart

And in case you missed the website address on the nose, here it is in a closeup. For an even closer look, just click on the thumbnail image. And to the right, it's our pit transportation for the evening, courtesy of the Bart Family racing team.

Jeff Hamelink 'Northern Star' Jeff Hamelink 'Northern Star'

It's Jeff Hamelink's "Northern Star" Pro Fuel dragster trailer waiting to be unloaded and setup tomorrow morning. Here's the design on the rear door of the trailer. Neat picture, eh?

Sekura Brothers funny cars Sekura Brothers funny cars

Switching to the sportsman pits for now, we've got two shots of the Sekura brothers' funny cars. So which is which? You think we know? Heck, the Sekuras don't even know who's driving which one.

Mitch King Top Fuel cars Mitch King Top Fuel cars

Fast forward back into the pro pits, as we stop at the Mitch King compound, with both top fuel cars draped in their blankets, resting before battle tomorrow. Another neat trailer door wrap at the other end of his pit area.

The track at sunset The VIP suites and control tower

I'm rather proud of this sunset shot of the track with the light shining on the sticky starting line area. Turning around we can see the control tower area, with the VIP suites on the right side bathed in the same sunset lighting.

Dean Murdoch Golf Cart pilot Dodge duallie with big exhaust

Showing off his one-handed driving skills in the borrowed golf cart, SpeedZone honcho Dean Murdoch smiles for the camera. And we've definitely entered truck country as the pipes on this Dodge duallie will attest to.

Cutting up the track Digging crew

This doesn't look too good, as it's nearly 10pm on the night before the biggest event of the year at Castrol Raceway and this cutting and coring crew are cutting into and digging up chunks of the track on the top end to allow drainage of water accumulating under and trying to pass through the racing surface.

Jay Mageau Ed Verenka Top Fuel car

With driver Dean hard on the throttle in the golf cart, it was difficult to get the whole Prospector of Jay Mageau in the picture. Tomorrow we will for sure. Then it's on to Ed Verenka's Top Fuel car to catch a glimpse of it "undressed" in the trailer.

Ed Verenka Top Fuel car Ed Verenka Top Fuel car

Two more shots of the local fueler of Ed Verenka, running in Top Fuel this weekend (it's an injected car) and normally set up for Pro Fuel duty. By the way, we weren't drunk when we snapped the first shot, merely trying to try a different angle.

Perry Krinitt Pro Mod '52 Chevy Perry Krinitt Pro Mod '52 Chevy

And we conclude our tour with a couple of shots of Montana's Perry Krinitt's very mean looking '52 Chev Pro Mod. That's all for tonight folks.

That's it from move-in and tech day at Castrol Raceway; tomorrow we've got the first day of qualifying from the IHRA Rocky Mountain Nationals