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Sunday's Report

The Race that just doesn't know when to quit

11:00 AM

It's day three... or day two, part two, depending on how you want to look at it, here at Bud Park's 3rd annual Rocky Mountain Nationals. As already reported here, yesterday was virtually a washout, with only an hour or two of sportsman qualifying done before the rain set in for the day.

The latest news shows the air is fantastic at 2700 feet, but the track temperature is only 66 F. Could be a lethal combination if everybody builds the horsepower they're capable of in this air, then tries to apply it to a too-cold track, Hang on for our reports.

By the way, we've just been handed a photo vest for the first round of eliminations and I'm heading out to the starting line for an hour or three. Will be back though...

3:00 PM

We're working our way through eliminations under gradually improving conditions here at Bud Park. The second round of most categories (except Top Fuel) have been completed and they've just called the diggers to the staging lanes again. There's been quite a few upsets, the usual sure bets, and some truly great performances here today.

My favourite moment so far, and I'll admit that I'm very biased in this, was the first round match in Top Fuel between low qualifer Doug Foley and the historic first A/FD qualifier Ed Verenka. As expected, Foley laid waste to the Edmonton racer, but Verenka Racing did themselves proud with a career best 5.35 e.t. and didn't give up easily.

The biggest upset so far has to be the first round loss of low qualifer (and track record holder) Al Billes in the first round of Pro Mod eliminations. There's so much more to report, but just not enough time to do it right now, so check out the photo pages in the meantime. We'll keep working on the reports and posting more pictures throughout the day, the evening, the night and on into Monday. Stay tuned.... and always hit reload/refresh when visiting any pages on this site.

5:30 PM

This is turning into a drag race that just doesn't know when to quit.... but we do, and as soon as I upload this paragraph, Dean and I are heading for the highway and pointing the big bad Impala due west. If all goes well, we should be back in the lower mainland soon after sunrise tomorrow morning.

I've uploaded the first three pages of photos from today's action at Budweiser Park; yes, there's still a few dozen more photos to post tomorrow, and almost all of today's captions to do, but that's tomorrow's project. Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

That's it from the IHRA Rocky Mountain Nationals