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Friday's Report

Day One from the Rockies at Bud Park

Welcome to the action coming to you from Budweiser Motorsport Park in lovely, warm and sunny (and not too windy) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, site of the 3rd annual Western RV Rocky Mountain Nationals.... to be known simply as the "Rockies" at "BudPark" for the balance of the weekend. Okay? Let's get down to business then.

We've just cleaned up a topend oildown and the sportsman cars are flowing out of the staging lanes again in their endless procession that will continue until the first pro qualifying session starts at 4pm. In the meantime, we'll try to fill in some of the blanks from our trip here on Wednesday night/Thursday morning and provide some details from yesterday's very long move-in day.

So we can maximize our resources, we'll close off this update for now, hit the send button and get back to composing our reports, then upload more in the next hour or so. Until then, keep an eye on Drag Race Central for all the latest results from the Rockies.

3:00 PM

We're going to try something a little different here, so please bear with us if it doesn't work. Try clicking on the page links in the left margin to access our day by day pictures galleries. You may have to use your back button to get back here and move to the next page though. Stay tuned for updates and additions to these pages throughout the weekend.

6:00 PM

So far, we've managed to upload more than 60 images, from yesterday and today. Still some work to do on today's captions, but they're coming later tonight. Our report on today's activities will also be posted, on this page, later tonight. Stay tuned.

That's it from the first day of qualifying from the IHRA Rocky Mountain Nationals