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We're back on track here at NORTHERN THUNDER, and all the photos from the Amarillo Dragway FUNNY CAR CHAOS event are posted. Next on the agenda is filling in all the blanks (captions, storyline, etc) and we'll work on that for the next day or two. After that? Who knows? There's so many items on the back-burner it's almost impossible to know where to start. Stay tuned!

In the latest installment of "Adventures with Bob" we're exactly two weeks away from moving in, and completing what has been a THREE year odyssey of building a house in an almost impossible location. Has it been worth it? It's certainly taken a toll on myself and my ever-loving Gail; it's drained our bank accounts; it's taxed our sanity; but it's almost done and we're so very thankful we've made it this far. Here's a couple of views of the almost finished product: On the LEFT is a recent pic taken from the water level. On the RIGHT is an older shot (before the windows went in and the roof was finished - taken nearly two years ago. CLICK on the small images to see larger versions.


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