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It's a sunny Sunday morning down here in Kent, WA as the final day of this year's edition of the NHRA Northwest Nationals prepares to swing into action. We've already seen half or more of the sportsman fields eliminated and today's program will be wrapped up by 4:00 pm if all goes according to plan. It's going to be another hot day and challenging for the crew chiefs on the fuel cars, and to a lesser extent, the Pro Stock cars and motorcycles. For the fans, it will be another day in the hot sun with only occasional breezes to take the edge off. Stay hydrated is the motto of the day in the grandstands. That's with water and powerade, not beer.

Sadly, we've run out of time to post any of the 1000+ (and counting) photos from the event, and with a full evening of travel after the race today, it's going to be tomorrow before we get any photos on the site. Patience is a virtue and based on our track record for punctuality, everyone who visits Northern Thunder will be extremely virtuous by the time we get everything wrapped up from the event.

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