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We haven't been dormant this month - even if it appears that way from the home page - as we've working behind the scenes to collate and post as many as we can of the hundreds of photos we've got from the Dodge NHRA Finals. Combine that with some incredible pics from last month's World Wheelstanding Championship (Byron Dragway), and the final Western Fuel Altered race of the season (Tucson Dragway), and we've had a full slate of stuff to deal with. Throw in some added responsibilities in my community (Spirit Bay Taxpayers Association Advisory Committee) to keep the district heating system going, the on-going house construction (not ours thank goodness) under control, and assorted other "real world" activities and it's been a very busy month.

Later today we will post the first installment of the wheelstanding photos on the What's New page and continue to fill in the blanks on some of the recent coverage of other events. As always... stay tuned! And in light of the current pandemic news from around the world: STAY SAFE!

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