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It was quite a weekend in Bakersfield as the 61st annual Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet was completed on time, despite some iffy weather earlier in the week, with Sunday's eliminations going off under mainly sunny skies. Great performances were the order of the day, upsets were common, and some very close races kept the spectators entertained. Our correspondent (Bob Snyder) has sent along all the first round and some of the second round pictures but that's where the photo side of the story stops. Check out all we've got on the "What's New" page as we work to complete the report(s) as soon as possible.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY greetings to the World Wide Web (aka: the internet). It was (roughly) 30 years ago today that Tim Berners-Lee devised the hyper text transfer protocol (aka: http) system that allowed computer users to publish and share information, leading to today's estimated five billion users and two billion websites. NORTHERN THUNDER certainly wasn't the first drag racing website to appear, and not even the iconic HORSEPOWER HEAVEN creation of Larry Pfister was first.... but he wasn't far off. It's amazing to think just how far the 'net has come in those three decades and for the 20+ years that we've been online, it's been quite a trip. Let's hope there's a few more decades of life left in this website and - even more importantly - the webmaster.

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