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It's been very quiet around here for the past two weeks, but we're back from a "vacation" in Ontario (Canada) and back at it, with heaps of stuff to catch up on. At the top of the agenda are the photos and results from the second FUNNY CAR CHAOS event of the season at Mo-Kan Dragway (on the Missouri-Kansas border) ten days ago.

There's not enough time today to do more than throw a few pictures on the Whats New page, but we will get all the FCC stuff posted by the end of the week. Sometimes, life just gets in the way, and with our three-year new home project near the finish line, there's just too much to do every day besides working on the website. Stay tuned....

Saturday night update: We've got all the photos posted from the FUNNY CAR CHAOS event at Mo-Kan Dragway. Next on the list is to add all the captions and a bit of a story to the images. Tomorrow, or Monday.

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