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It's been very quiet around here for the past few weeks, but it's been absolutely unavoidable. A quick summation of what has happened to the webmaster (aka: Bobby Thunder), is that a "simple" and "straightforward" procedure on my left leg (an artery bypass and stent) turned into a week-long ordeal in the hospital. An artery ruptured, massive blood loss, heart stopped, etc.... led to several days in intensive care, then a few more in a "complex surgical wound" ward, and now, two weeks of relative inactivity at home as I slowly recuperate.

Things are looking up however, as we've managed to post a few more photos from our treasure trove of highlights from the 14th Street Car Super Nationals (November 15-18). The details will follow soon and that will pretty much be a wrap on the year as we're off to Las Vegas and Palm Springs for a somewhat unorthodox Christmas this year. Then, almost before we realize it, the 2019 drag racing season will be kicking off at Pomona's Auto Club Raceway in just eight short weeks. Blink twice, and the Winternationals will be happening!

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