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And the hits just keep on coming! This week it's the Street Car Super Nationals from The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. For what must be the first time ever (and I'm sure someone will correct me on that - are you reading this Bret Kepner?) we saw FOUR-WIDE doorslammer racing from Vegas. In the two-lane format, some other-worldly performances (rules, what rules?) lit up the scoreboards - BIG TIME - on Thursday night. Friday's qualifying was a little more restrained, but still very entertaining with a wide assortment of wild, weird, and just plain fast cars blasting down the track.

Check out the photos from the first two days of the four day event on the "What's New" page, courtesy of our ace lensman Bob Snyder. And thanks to Dean Murdoch and Dyan Lover at Speedzone Magazine online for providing some of the important details to go with the pictures.

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