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Good news and very bad news: On the dark side, the report that Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen passed away over the weekend hit all veteran drag racing fans very hard. One of the earliest promotion-minded racers in the business, "The 'Goose" partnered with Don "The Snake" Prudhomme for one of the first well sponsored race teams in the early '70's. From the Mattell "Hot Wheels" deal, to "Carefree" Gum, and on to Pepsi and Coors and Miller, etc, etc, McEwen and Prudhomme blazed a trail to the boardrooms of corporate America that all serious racers have followed ever since.

On the good side of the ledger, we've finally found some time to post more of the photos and captions from the FUNNY CAR CHAOS event at Amarillo Dragway at the beginning of the month. And we've found the entry list for the UNITED NITRO FUNNY CAR show at Seattle's Pacific Raceway on the July 4th weekend. Seventeen, yes that's right: SEVENTEEN blown fuel floppers trying to squeeze into an 8-car field. With Bill Doner helming the UNFC association it's going to be a major flashback to the massive Funny Car shows at SIR of the 1970's. Be there!

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